Universal Movie Provider: UMP

UMPLogoUniversal Movie Provider: UMP

Looking for another add-on that offers a comprehensive list of up-to-date movies and television shows? The Universal Movie Provider or UMP for short, is a multi-scraper add-on offering content similar to what you would find in Exodus or Velocity with a unique twist; you the user will select the web index (ie. IMDB, TVDB, Rotten Tomatoes) as the source information for your titles. I know, it sounds goofy! Allow me to show you what I mean. Please note, the streams featured in this add-on are not authorized by the copyright holder(s). For this tutorial, you will need to have installed the Fusion/TVAddons Repository along with the Config Wizard

Step 1:

From your home page select Programs

Step 2:

Select the Add-on Installer from the list.

Step 3:

Select Repositories

Step 4:

You re looking for Boogie’s Kodi Repo. Select it.

Step 5:

Select UMP:Universal Movie Provider

Step 6:

Select Install

Step 7:

If your install was successful, you will get a TVAddons Notification. Select OK.

Step 8:

Head back to your home screen and select;

  • Videos
  • Video Add-ons


Step 9:

Locate the UMP Icon and select it

Step 10:

Select the index you wish to source your movie and television information;

  • IMDB: produces a comprehensive list of movie and television titles with streaming content
  • Rotten Tomatoes: produces a comprehensive list of movie and television titles but not streaming content
  • TVDB: produces a search field for television shows only with streaming content
  • Anime NewsNetwork: the lists are hit and miss. Some work, some don’t. streaming content available


Step 11:

From here you can search or pick from one of the various categories

Step 12:

Pulp Fiction is my all time favourite movie and I m picking it here to demonstrate how the UMP loads its sources

Step 13:

Once the add-on is finished loaded its sources, select one

And that s all there is to it! I hope this tutorial was helpful. All the best!