Easy Advanced Settings

EasyAdvanced-LogoSMIf buffering is ruining your Kodi experience, try installing the Easy Advanced Settings or EAS for short, add-on. With this add-on, users can manually adjust their cache size (the temporary data) so your Kodi media centre can process data faster, therefore minimizing some of the buffering issues you may be experiencing. It will not eliminate the issue altogether however, it should serve to improve your Kodi experience. If you have installed the SuperRepo Repository, the add-on is already on your system just waiting for you to install it. If not, click on the SuperRepo link to navigate to my tutorial on how to install SuperRepo. For the rest of you, let’s get started.

Step 1:

From the Home screen select;

  • System
  • Settings


Step 2:

Select Add-Ons from the list of options

Step 3:

Select “Search”

Step 4:

Type “Easy Advanced in the search field

Step 5:

Select Media Sources – Easy Advanced Settings

Step 6:

Select Install

If you are successful, you should see an icon pop-up in the bottom right corner notifying you Easy Advanced Settings has been installed

For a tutorial on how to Manually Adjust Cache Size, just click on the link for a visual step-by-step guide.