With all that is going on with the Kodi Repositories and 3rd party add-ons of late, it’s future has been brought into question. I for one am not concerned. When one repo goes down, five more seem to spring up virtually over night. Leave it to those crafty developers, they will not be censored. EXODUS is no exception here. Easily, the most popular add-on in the kodi community. With TVADDONS now defunct, everyone wants to know the fate of EXODUS. I’m here to repot, it’s alive and well. Brought to you by Lambda, this is a great add-on for the latest Movies and Television shows. Here’s how you install it;

Step 1:

From your home screen, select the System icon at the top of your screen

xbmckodi-krypton-settings button home screen

Step 2:

This is your System menu window with a much different look from previous xbmc/kodi versions. From the 11 menu items to choose from, locate and select the folder that says

  • File Manager


Step 3:

On the Right Panel scroll down and select the menu item that says

  • Add Source

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-file manager add source

Step 4:

This will open your Add File Source Window. Go ahead and select where is says < None >

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-add file source - none

Step 5:

You will now be asked to Enter the paths of browse for the media locations. For the purpose of this tutorial, I chose the kdil Repository/3rd Party Add-on because it has the most up to date working version of EXODUS. Enter the following path exactly as it appears below

  • http://kdil.co/repo
  • select OK to the right of your screen


Step 6:

You will now need to name your media source. Click in the blank field underneath the Enter a name for this media source heading and call it

  • .kdil
  • Select OK to the right of your screen when you’re done naming your media source


Step 7A:

We now need to enable downloading form an unknown source. Go back to your home screen once again and select the System icon at the top of your screen

xbmckodi-krypton-settings button home screen

Step 7B:

From the icon menu, select;

  • System settings

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-System-System settings

Step 8:

From the menu on the left, scroll down and select the Add-ons menu item

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-System settings-Addons

Step 9:

The add-ons Unknown sources is disabled by default. We want to turn it on. You can do this by selecting the Unknown sources field.

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons-unknow sources enabled

Step 10:

Once the Unknown Sources is enabled, a pop up window will open warning you of the hazards of 3rd part add-ons

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-3rd party addons warning window

Note: The developers of Kodi are posting this warning here as they do not endorse or support any 3rd party add-ons themselves. Kodi is an open source media player and anyone with the know how can post information/media sources to it. All the source links used by 3rd part add-ons are available online. The developers of these 3rd party add-ons are just pointing the media to this shared source link. I myself have never had any issues with malware or cyber attacks via kodi. I always recommend using a VPN for your internet security and do your best to research any 3rd party add-ons you wish to install. At least I do. I visit multiple forums to see what other users are saying about the add-on before I recommend it to anyone using my site. I hope this helps! Now select Yes if you wish to continue and let’s move on

Step 11:

Head back to your home screen and select the following

  • Add-ons


Step 12:

Look for the icon that looks like an open box (probably located near the top of your screen). This is the Add-ons browser icon. Select it

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons-install from zip icon

Step 13:

From the menu to the right of your screen, locate and select

  • Install from zip file

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons browser-install from zip file

Step 14 A:

The install from zip file window will open. Look for the media source named .kdil and select it

Step 14 B:

From the list of files, scroll down and find the file that says

  • kodil.zip

Note: If your install was successful, you should receive an add-on update/installed notification in the top right of your screen

Step 15:

Next, from the list of menu items you will want to select;

  • Install from Repository

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons browser-Install from repository

Step 16:

Scroll down and look for;

  • …Kodil Repository

Step 17:

Scroll down and select

  • Video add-ons

Step 18:

Scroll all the way down until you find the file marked

  • Exodus


Step 19:

An install window will open. Select the Install icon in the far bottom right corner

Note: If your install was successful, you will receive an add-on update/Installed notification in the top right corner of your screen. Be patient, this may take a minute or two.

Step 20:

Once installed, head back to the Add-ons screen and select

  • Video Add-ons

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons-videoaddons screen

Look for the EXODUS icon you just installed and select it.  All the best!

11 thoughts on “EXODUS

  1. Terri tarrant

    The Exodus setup went fine and I followed direction to display Featured in the latest movie setting. It will not access any movie menu except what people watching. Every other choice does a Hal a spin and stops. I was told the other search features are now VIP and a pay option. Is this true or have I got other issues to fix? Thanks for your help.

    1. admin Post author

      Of the posts I have read, the add-on is still in the development stage and they are working on fixing known bugs. Myself, if I look at the movie list, only People Watching, Box Office and Oscar Winners work for me. The developers encourage you to use a trakt account. It would seem many of the add-ons are going in that direction and it’s a good thing! Your trakt account exists outside of Kodi so no matter what changes you make to the program, your movie and tv show data will be safe. It’s just a matter of syncing your trakt account to Kodi. I will post a how to this afternoon.

      I hope this helps!

    1. admin Post author


      Well, through the process of elimination;
      By not working what do you mean? tv shows and movies don’t load?
      Does the Exodus icon appear in your video add-on list?
      What version of Kodi are you running?
      Do you have the Fusion/TVAddons Repository installed or did you find Exodus through another build?
      What device are you using?

  2. Tricia

    Hi I am using a streaming box and I am not able to link trakt with exodus. I have signed up for trakt, but was never given a pin. I am wondering how do I go about linking trakt with exodus and how do I get a pin?

    1. admin Post author


      Have you had a look at my tutorial on how to link Kodi to your trakt account?

      I would recommend you set up your trakt account with Kodi first. This should link all your add-ons to your trakt account when possible. If necessary, you can sync your EXODUS account to trakt via;
      EXODUS->Tools->SETTINGS:Accounts-> add your Trakt account.

      Let me know

  3. Ella

    I’ve downloaded exodus and it’s great
    The only thing I can not figure out is the exodus appearance. Exodus is supposed to have that kids crisp transparent blue tile for “movies…latest movies… Most watched” etc. Instead it shows the kodi default which is just a list. I have downloaded the artwork plug-in when it asked me to under settings-general-appearance but nothing seems to change. I have uninstalled exodus and installed a few times and still the same.
    I checked that I also have the artwork enabled.

    Anyone know how to fix this ?
    I’ve done all possible search and can’t come across anything helpful.

    1. admin Post author

      Not a problem, try this…
      If you’re on a computer, hover over the EXODUS icon and right click
      Select Add-on Settings

      If you’re using a device, hover over the EXODUS icon and select the menu button, then select Add-on settings

      Under the General tab, the first field will be Appearance, select it
      From the list select EXODUS
      Select OK (very important, do not skip this step)
      That should do it, let me know!

  4. Nicole

    I’ve set-up Kodi on Firestick. Went through set-up wizard…everything looks great! Except…Exodus ONLY populates Movies. All of the sub-categories work five as well (genres, in theaters, etc.) but everything else out side of movies- blank screen after search. None of the Networks & TV shows populate a list. Please help.

    1. admin Post author

      Okay, this is a good one!
      Step 1: Using firestick can you confirm you have set up the correct date for your device? If you’re not set up for the correct date, this may prevent your from seeing sources
      Step 2: Check to see what version of the URL Resolver you’re currently running ( SYSTEM- > Add-ons- > SYSTEM- > Dependencies :Select URLResolver)
      If you’re running anything less than Version 3.0.0, you will need to manually update.

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