Maintenance Tool

The Maintenance Tool is a useful add-on that simplifies tasks such as adding/deleting add-ons, adding/deleting Repositories, accessing log files, clearing log files, clearing cache, setting cache to zero, enabling parental control, adding custom wallpaper to pimp out your backgrounds, News & Announcements form Fusion/TVAddons, even instructional “How To” videos for Kodi. Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing the Maintenance Tool;

Step 1:

From the home screen, navigate to Programs

Step 2:

Select “Maintenance Tool” from the list of options

Step 3:

A pop-up window will appear warning you this tool is for advanced users only. If you’re new to Kodi, you may not be an advanced user today but the learning curve isn’t very steep so, just consider yourself advanced. Go ahead and select Continue;

Step 4:

Your now ready to customize your Kodi experience. New users may want to begin with adding/removing add-ons. This is your Kodi after all and while TVAddons has provided users with the most popular selections, not everyone is a fan of say, Karaoke for example or Earth Cam.

To Remove an Add-on, simply select the General Maintenance Icon

Locate and Select the Add-on Removal Icon

From the list of add-ons, select the add-on(s) you wish to remove

You will receive a prompt asking if you wish to remove the add-on? Select Yes or No

And it’s that simple! Users will have to exit out of Kodi for the Add-on removal to take effect. You will see the changes the next time you launch Kodi.