MetaLogoThis tutorial will show you how to install the new Meta add-on for Kodi. If you’re not familiar with it, the Meta add-on tracks media from TMDB and TVDB. When you select the movie or television show you want, the Meta add-on will search through your your library of add-ons looking for working streams, then display what’s available. It’s essentially giving you access to all the working streams in all your add-ons within this one add-on. Can you say Game Changer!?. This tutorial will show you how to install and set it up. Without further delay, let’s get down to it boppers!

Step 1:

  • You will need to download the Meta Add-on .zip file.
  • If you’re running a Windows device, the .zip file will dl to your dl folder ie. C:\Users\Your User Name\Downloads
  • If you’re running an Android device, the .zip file will dl to External Storage/download ie. /storage/sdcard/download

Step 2:

From your home screen select;

  • System


Step 3:

From the list, select Add-ons
System Add-ons

Step 4:

Select Install from zip file
System Add-ons

Step 5:

Navigate to the folder you downloaded the .zip file and select it.

Step 6:

If your install was successful, you will receive a notification in the bottom right corner of your window

Step 7:

Now, select Install From Repository

Step 8:

Look for the MetaTeam Repository and select it

Step 9:

Select Video add-ons

Step 10:

Select the file that says Meta

Step 11:

Select the Install option from the menu

  • NOTE: my screen says Open because I’ve installed it already. Yours should read Install


Step 12:

Select Meta again and we will begin configuring your add-on

Step 13:

From the menu, select the option that says Configure

Step 14:

Select the field that says Players URL

Step 15:

I got this address from They’ve apparently, tested the links and so far, it’s worked well for me. So, type in the following address;

  • Select done


Step 16:A

Select the field that says Install from URL. It’s just below the Players URL field

Step 16:B

When you select this, you should receive a Players Update Notification

Step 17:

Under the heading Movies, select the field that says Enable movie players

Step 18:

The Enable Players window will open. Go down the list and select ALL the players in the window. They should change colour from white to yellow when selected. Select OK when you’re finished

Step 19:

Scroll down to TV Shows and repeat the same steps as you did above;

  • Select the field that says Enable Players
  • Select all the channels listed so they turn yellow
  • Select OK when complete


Step 20:

Scroll down again and look for Live

  • Select the field that says Enable Players
  • Select all the channels listed so they turn yellow
  • Select OK when complete

Step 21:

Last but not least, once you’ve enable all the players, select OK at the bottom

Step 22:

Head back to your home screen and select;

  • Videos
  • Video Add-ons


Step 23:

Look for the Meta add-on icon and select it

Step 24:

That’s it. Look for movies & television shows from all of your add-ons in one location.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. All the best!