Openload Movies

xbmckodi-Openload-LogoOpenload Movies

Openload Movies is comes courtesty of the Xfinity/Xunity Talk Repository. It’s a decent add-on for watching the latest movies with a sizable catalog that encompasses some classics as well. There’s plenty of movie streams and content here. Without further delay, let’s get into this tutorial

Step 1:

Install the Xfinity/Xunity Talk Repository.

Step 2:

From your home screen, select;

  • System


Step 3:

Select from the list;

  • Add-ons


Step 4:


  • Install from Repository

xbmckodi-Install from Repository

Step 5:

Scroll down and select the;

  • XunityTalk Repository


Step 6:

From the list select;

  • Video Add-ons


Step 7:

Scroll down and select;

  • Openload Movies


Step 8:

The Install window will open. Select;

  • Install


Step 9:

If you install was successful, you will receive an addon enabled/update in the bottom right corner of your screen

Step 10:

Now, navigate back to your home screen and select;

  • Videos
  • Video Add-ons

Kodisimplified Videos Add-ons

Step 11:

Look for the Openload icon and select it

That’s all there is to it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. All the best!