SpotiMC-LogoSpotiMC aka Spotify

Spotify is perhaps the best service available for streaming music online. Users should note, this add-on will require users to register a Spotify Premium Account to utilize it. Otherwise, this will not work. Further, this add-on uses SPOTIFY(R) CORE in order to run on Kodi. This is not endorsed, certified or approved in anyway by the spotify group. With that out of the way, let’s do this!

Step 1:

Download the Emby Repo zip file and save to your downloads folder.

Step 2:

From your home screen select;

  • Add-ons (menu to the left of your screen)


Step 3:

Once in your Add-ons Browser, select;

  • The Box Icon (top left corner)

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons-install from zip icon

Step 4:

From the menu to the right of your screen, select;

  • Install From Zip File

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons browser-install from zip file

Step 5:

Navigate to your downloads folder

  • PC: C://Users/your name/computer name here/downloads
  • Android: C://External Storage/download

Step 6:

Select the file that says;


If successful, you should see an Add-on enabled notification in the top right corner of your screen

Step 7:

Now, select;

  • Install from repository

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons browser-Install from repository

Step 8:

Scroll down and select

  • Kodi Emby Beta Addons

Step 9:


  • Music add-ons

Step 10:

From here scroll down and select

  • Spotify

The install window will open. Select the Install icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
Note: If your install is successful, you will receive an add-on enabled/update in the top right corner of your screen. Be patient, this may take a minute or two

Step 11:

Navigate back to your Add-ons Browser window and select

  • Music Add-ons


Step 12:

Look for the Music Add-ons icon for Spotify you just installed and right click or menu select it.

Step 13:


  • Information

Step 14:


  • Configure

Step 15:

Input your

  • Username:
  • Password:

Select OK to the far right

Step 16:

Now, select the Spotify Icon. If your username and password were input correctly, you should be good to go. Otherwise, you will need to repeat Steps 12-15

I hope this was helpful. All the best!