Streaming Laws in Canada


Do you know what the laws are regarding streaming content in Canada? Bill C-11: The Copyright Modernization Act received Royal Assent on June 29, 2012 and the majority of its provisions were brought into effect as of November that same year. The remaining sections of that bill were brought into effect as of January 2015. If you are a cord cutter you should be aware of where you stand within the laws in Canada and streaming content. Read More

The Free TV Revolution


Two articles were posted to the recently. The first, posted on June 14th titled “Cable companies launch court battle against ‘free TV’ Android box vendors”, discusses a recent temporary injunction won by Rogers Communications, Bell Media and Videotron (Quebec), as of June 1 2016, against 5 small retailers preventing them from selling and distributing android devices they had been marketing to the general public with the promise of “Free TV.” continue reading here


Why Google Should Buy Kodi


With all the attention surrounding Kodi in recent weeks and its link to piracy, free cable and the streaming of unauthorized copyright material, I think it’s time Google steps in and saves this company from itself and for media consumers globally. posted a plea to their user community last week in an article titled The Piracy Box Sellers and Youtube Promoters Are Killing Kodi. In it, the Kodi team members/XBMC Foundation expressed the challenges they face with their open source program and it’s links to piracy through; developers that would use it to create 3rd party add-ons streaming unathorized copyright content; through the sale of TV Boxes on eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji from unscrupulous entraprenurs looking to make a fast buck selling to unsuspecting consumers promising free movies and television shows. Click here to read on


An Open Letter to Kodi and the User Community


I wanted to take a moment to respond to a recent post on the site entitled The Piracy Box Sellers and Youtube Promoters Are Killing Kodi. As a fan and advocate of Kodi, this is my 2 cents. Read Here


Metal: Still Spreading The Word

Sam Dunn and the Crew over at Banger Films have recently launched Banger Tv; an all metal tv channel available on YouTube. If you’re a fan of Metal and a fan of the documentaries Sam and the crew @ Banger have been producing over the past 10 years, this channel is a must! Click on the link for a brief review of Banger Tv


Canada: What Identity Crisis?

A short article on some great Canadian content availalbe via YouTube in your Kodi add-on. Break out of the habit of navigating to your favorite add-ons for a list of recently released movies and television shows and explore something down a road less travelled. Letterkenny problems will bring you to tears laughing at the challenges of small town Ontario. The NFB will offer an endless stream of documentaries, short films and animated features all told from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Check it out!