Covenant : Enable Download

xbmckodi-covenantLogoCovenant : Enable Download

So you want to enable the download option for Covenant. No problem. There’s a minor trick to make this work. This tutorial will show you how it’s done. Once again for the record I have to state here, I don’t condone downloading. I understand that some of you live in remote areas where the internet is not accessible or spotty at best so for those of you, this tutorial is for you. Please note if your are downloading copyright material, you do so at your own risk. ‎All the best!

Step 1:

Go to the Covenant icon and select

  • Settings

This is right click on your mouse or menu button on your remote

Step 2:

Select Playback from the menu to the left and Default Action to the right


Step 3:

Using the arrows, change Default Action from Dialog to Directory


Step 4:

Now, using the menu to the left once again, select the tab that says;

  • Downloads


Step 5:

Make sure Enable Downloads is turned on to the right


Step 6:

You will now need to select the path for your download folder for both Movies and Television (done separately, one at a time):

  • For PC this should be C:\Users\computername\Downloads
  • For Android this should be External Storage\Download
  • For FireStick you need to enable file transfer first System->Developer Options->ADB debugging ON->USB debugging ON->Apps from Unknown sources ON


Step 7:

Last but not least, select OK to the far right to complete this set up


Step 8:

To download the movie or television show you want, do the following;

  • Select the film or television show you want
  • Once the available streams load, select a stream by right click with your mouse for PC, or menu select with your remote for Android, to open the download option
  • Select download


And that’s all you need to do. All the best!