Trakt LogoFirst, why a¬†account? let’s you add, organize and manage all your favourite movies, television shows and Documentaries in an account outside of XBMC/KODI. Should your device fail you, all your favourites will not be lost and you will not have to go through the painful process of having to re-establish all your favourite go-tos within the add-on up once you get KODI back up and running. Simply sync your account to the add-on where offered and you will always be good to go! Second, this free’s up unnecessary memory usage on your device. Store it in the cloud where you can access anywhere, anytime. Third, you’re out and someone suggests a movie, documentary, stand up comedy, television show, etc. You can easily log into your account on your mobile device and add the recommendation. When you get home, no need to search your favourite add-ons looking for it, just open your account within one of the many add-ons that offer this sync feature and voila, it’s there waiting for you. Lastly, a¬†account enables you to create your own add-on within an add-on. Create categories for television shows, movies, comedies, documentaries, etc. that you can easily access with a couple clicks. This is very handy when you have friends over and you want to entertain with a few selections from KODI, If they are not familiar with KODI, this is a nice touch that is sure to impress. Without further delay, let’s get into this…

The first step you will need to take is surf on over to and set up an account. It’s really straightforward and I’ll provide you with some screenshots to help with the process.

Once you’ve created a username and password and perhaps added some details to your profile, begin by searching some of your favorite Television shows and movies and adding them your to your collections and lists.


Note the options to the right of the screen. Here you can Check in, Add to History, Add to Collection and Add to Watchlist. By selecting these options, you begin to build your personal database of movies and television shows that will appear in your lists when you use one of the add-ons in Kodi that utilize Trakt.

You will also note, when you select Movies or TV from the top navigation, you will get a similar menu to the left of your screen providing watch suggestions similar to what you might find within the Kodi add-ons ie. Trending, Popular, Box Office, etc. You can build your collections and lists using this menu and by selecting the Add To Watched History, Add to Collection and Add to Watchlist icons circled in red.


I can create customized lists of shows I want to watch now or in the future. When I add them to my collection, I will be given options from the lists I’ve created as to where I want to add the television show or movie. In the event I don’t know the release date, I can just add my selection to watchlist and have my account keep track of this show’s release date


When I review my account collections, I will see a list of all the shows I’ve added. I can filter this list by selecting the drop down menu located under my profile pic, to include all my selections, Movies, Shows or Episodes.


Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Trakt account.

On to adding your Trakt account to Kodi. To do this, simply navigate to your home screen and select;

Step 1:

  • System
  • Settings


Step 2:

Select Add-ons

Step 3:

Select Install from repository:

Step 4:

Select Kodi Add-on Repository:

Step 5:

Select Program Add-ons:

Step 6:

Scroll down and select Trakt:

Step 7:

Go ahead and select Install. If you’re successful, you will seen an add-on enabled icon appear in the bottom right corner of your screen

Step 8: A

Once you’ve installed it, the Trakt Authorization screen will appear. To complete this step, you will need to have a browser window open. You will need to input this address in your browser

Step 8: B

once you’ve input the path into your browser, you will receive a PIN# linking to your trakt account.

Step 8: C

Input that PIN# into the Trakt Account Authorization field as shown below and select Authorize;
Note: Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work on your first try. I had to try twice before my pin was finally accepted.

Step 9:

You will need to reboot for your settings to take effect

Step 10

From your home screen go to;

  • Videos
  • Video add-ons


Step 11


  • Genesis
  • My Genesis

Your Trakt account should be present

Step 12:


  • Exodus
  • My Lists

Your Trakt account should be listed there as well. Select any one of the options from the list (ie. TRAKT: Collection, TRAKT: TV Collection, TRAKT: Watchlist, etc) and your Trakt selections should be populated

That’s it! Well, one more thing…don’t be surprised if you have to manually enter your Trakt account into Exodus or Genesis via the tools menu within each of those add-ons. Yup, that’s annoying however, if you have to do this step, you will only have to do it once.
As always, I hope this helps!