cCloud is another add-on that comes bundled with the Fusion/TVAddons Repository. What makes this add-on unique? For starters, this add-on has perhaps, the most comprehensive list of live television channels from around the globe. It’s massive! Everything from News, Movies, Family entertainment, Music, Documentaries, Sports, etc. But what you really want to know is if you can watch Game of Thrones live night of? The answer is yes. The quality of stream varies and buffering will depend on your device, internet connection and the number of users watching at any given time. HBO, AMC, The History Channel, A&E, The Comedy NTW, Discovery, ESPN, National Geographic, it’s all here. If you’ve installed the Config Wizard that comes with the Fusion/TVAddons Repository, than you already have this add-on installed in within your Video Add-ons library. If not, let’s jump right into my install tutorial. Please note, the streams provided within this add-on do not have authorization from the copyright holders.

Step 1:

From the home screen, select;

  • Programs


Step 2:

Select Add-on Installer

Step 3:

Select Featured Add-ons

Step 4:

Look for cCloud and select it

Step 5:

Select Install cCloud TV

Step 6:

A pop up window will appear confirming you wish to install the add-on. If you understand the streams in this add-on does not have authorization from the copyright holders and you’re cool with that, they select Install. If not, might I recommend a good VPN? Get one and come back ;)’

Step 7:

If you’re install was successful, you will get a pop up window notification

Step 8:

Head back to your home screen and select;

  • Videos
  • Video Add-ons


Step 9:

Look for the cCloud icon and select it

Step 10:

And there you are! This add-on is a rabbit hole within a rabbit hole.

Spend some time exploring some of the content available and keep in mind, if the stream you’re watching is less than great quality, there is likely another available that may offer higher, if not HD quality streams.
I hope you find the shows you’re looking for. Perhaps this becomes your next favourite add-on? All the best!