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***July 19.2016 Aries is back up and running***

Remember in Empire Strikes Back when Luke decides to bolt from his training with Yoda on that shitty, shitty planet Yoda was living on and Obi-Wan says to Yoda, “That boy is our last hope.” Then Yoda replies, “No…there is another.” Well, when it comes to build wizards for Kodi, the Fusion/TVAddons Config Wizard has been reigning king for some time (and still is depending on who you ask). Turns out, there is another! The Ares Wizard built by the Tekto Developer team offers users not one but multiple builds to choose from depending on your flavour for skin themes, movies, television shows and sports. It’s quite an impressive build to say the least however of note, the developers who have created these builds do not maintain the add-ons. They have put together a selection of some of the more popular add-ons (which are created and maintained by other developers from other builds) and packaged them in some of the more popular skins available. This is important info for you to know. Since the developers of the Ares Wizard are not in control of the add-ons, the result is the builds are less stable (ie. they may not always work).

For the record, I will offer my own two cents here; I still much prefer the Config Wizard offered through the Fusion/TVAddons Repository. I trust this repository for a number of reasons; it utilizes the Confluence skin which is the most user friendly skin to date; it provides users with some of the most used add-ons while enabling you to expand the Repository/Add-on build without overwriting anything (provided you install the config wizard first, then add your additional Repos/Add-ons). Lastly, I follow their posts via their twitter account and web page and they always offer users helpful advice for navigating your way around XBMC/Kodi. Again, that’s just my two cents.

This tutorial will show you how to install the Ares Wizard┬áRepository. Without further delay, let’s dive right in!

Step 1:

From your home screen navigate to;

  • System
  • File Manager


Step 2:

From the list menu, select Add Source

Step 3:

Click inside the field marked None

Step 4:

Type the following source exactly as you see it here;

  • Alternatively, if the link above does not work, try the following
  • Select Done

I’ve had success and failure with both links.

Step 5:

Name the source .Ares (don’t forget the . at the beginning of Ares). Select OK

Step 6:

Head back to your home screen and select;

  • System


Step 7:

Select Add-ons

Step 8:

Select Install from Zip

Step 9:

Select the file that says .Ares

Step 10:

Select the file that says

Step 11:

If your install is successful, you will receive and Add-on Enabled notification in the bottom right corner of your screen. Please Note: This is a big file and depending on your internet connection, may take a minute or two to load. Be patient!

Step 12:

Head back to your home screen once again and select;

  • Programs


Step 12:

From your list of options, select Ares Wizard

Step 13:

This will open the wizard. From here you can browse;

  • Add-Ons
  • Select Video Add-ons for Movie, Television and Live content


  • Select Maintenance

This will allow you to clear your cache, purge your packages and delete Thumbnails, the things that typically slow your system down

  • Preform System Tweaks

In the Advanced settings, you can adjust your cache size to help minimize buffering.
If you select Settings you can;

  • add your username if you’ve created a free account with Ares Forum
  • Back up your files
  • Restore your files
  • Schedule updates under Build Update
  • Show/Hide Adult Content
  • Debug

Under More you can

  • preform a system check to see what version of Kodi you running, IP Address, Storage info, etc
  • check your internet speed
  • Upload a Kodi Log if your experiencing consistent errors
  • Erase all your Kodi Data and start fresh: This is helpful if you want to select one of the Ares Builds


Step 14:

This brings me to the Browse Builds portion of this tutorial. The developer I believe goes by the handle of “Dobbo” which is now sponsored/managed by a group of developers called Tekto. What Fusion/TVAddons did with the config wizard for their build (which I’m a big supporter of), the Tekto team has created multiple builds for you to choose from with their Ares Wizard. Let’s have a look. Select Browse Builds

Step 14:

If you select All Builds you can hover over the titles to give you an idea of what is included in each build, including the build skin
Each build offers something a bit different, with offerings for the movie lover to the sports addict. You can check out their Wizard Guide here.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Have fun and all the best!