DNATV1Evolve Add-on

The Evolve add-on for Kodi is back after a brief hiatus. It’s my understanding, they have branched out on their own to deliver this add-on with great potential. I say great potential as this add-on is not unlike what users might find if they navigated to Phoenix or UKTurks Playlist. It’s not quite as comprehensive as the aforementioned add-ons, but it’s well on it’s way and worth having in your collection. After all, who doesn’t like collecting great add-ons?? Without further delay, let’s get into this tutorial. Please note, and I have to say this, this add-on does not have authorization from the copyright holders to stream the content within. Users should note this before installing and consult the streaming laws in your country. As always, I highly recommend you look into getting a VPN. In this day and age, it just makes sense.

Step 1:

From the home screen navigate to;

  • System
  • File Manager


Step 2:

Select Add Source

Step 3:

Select the field that says None

Step 4:

Type in the following address exactly as you see it here, in the field provided;

  • http://matsbuilds.uk/goliath
  • select Done


Step 5 A:

Click on the field marked Enter a name for this media source and name this source;

  • .Evolve
  • select Done


Step 5B:

Your Add Files source window should look like mine. Select OK at the bottom

Step 6:

Navigate back to your home screen and select System

Step 7:

Select Add-ons

Step 8:

Select Install From Zip File

Step 9:

From the list, look for and select the file that says .Evolve

Step 10:

Select the file that says

  • repository.Goliath-1.0.7.zip


Step 11:

If your install was successful, you will receive a notification in the bottom right corner of your screen

Step 12:

From the list, select

  • Install from Repository


Step 13:

Look for and select Goliaths Add-ons repository

Step 14:

Select Video add-ons from the list

Step 15:

Select Evolve

Step 16:

The install window will open. Select install

Step 17:

If your install was successful, you will receive a notification in the bottom right corner and your add-on should now say Enabled

Step 18:

Head back to your home screen and select;

  • Videos
  • Video Add-ons


Step 19:

Look for and select the Evolve AddonsEvolve

Step 20:

That’s it, your good to go. Take your time and explore this add-on, there plenty of great sources and content. All the best!

Evolve Sports

Live sports content


  • Live Sports
  • Live Television
  • Documentaries
  • Stand up comedy
  • Movies
  • DJ Festivals
  • Fitness
  • Audio Books
  • Classic Cartoons
  • How To’s
  • Music


  • HD movies
  • UFC Events
  • Euro Football/Soccer
  • IPTV Music
  • Hoops: Basketball games and content
  • In The Hood: Hip Hop culture
  • Rock Menu: rock shows


  • Live sports & Live TV
  • Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Fitness
  • Concerts
  • Food TV
  • Comedies
  • And a mish mash of content you probably will not find anywhere else. Worth checking out!


  • Live Sports
  • Drum videos both instructional and performance
  • Gamers content
  • World Wars docs
  • Bushcraft & Survival
  • Scottish Comedy, movies & docs
  • RMS Titanic
  • Rock docs aka Rocumentaries
  • Sherlock Holmes collection
  • Robin Hood collection
  • Planes n Trains
  • Minecraft


  • HD Movies
  • B Movies
  • Karaoke
  • Naked News


  • Movies for him
  • Movies for her
  • Disney content
  • Baby Group
  • Courtroom movies and television shows
  • PC Gamers content
  • Life Hacks