The FusionTVAddons, Repository, is by far the most popular repository for Kodi boasting upwards of 13 million users monthly. With this one install, users get add-ons such as;

  • 1Channel
  • Exodus
  • Phoenix
  • UK Turks
  • Velocity
  • Easy Advanced Settings
  • XBMC Hub Wizard

And many, many more. Hub wizard of Config Wizard is a fantastic addon that I recommend users (especially new users to Kodi), take advantage of. Hub Wizard/Config Wizard will install the most popular add-ons within the Fusion/TVAddons Repository in one go. Best of all, it provides users with an easy to use maintenance tool that simplifies things like adding/deleting add-ons, clearing cache, setting cache to zero, etc. Let’s get started installing the Fusion/TVAddons Repository.

Step 1:

Launch Kodi and navigate to;

  • System
  • File Manager


Step 2:

Select the “Add source” Option


Step 3:

Double click on the field marked <None>


Step 4:

Input the following into the field marked “Paths for Media Locations”

  • http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
  • Select Done


Step 5:

At the bottom where is says “Enter A Name For This Media Source” input the following

  • .Fusion
  • Select Done


Step 6:

Select Ok


Step 7:

You’ll notice Fusion has been added to your root file directory. All we need do now is install it


Step 8:

Return to the main menu by selecting the Home button at the bottom of your screen or selecting the back button of your remote


Step 9:

Navigate to;

  • System
  • Settings


Step 10:

Select the Add-Ons option


Step 11:

Select Install from zip file


Step 12:

From the folder list, select the folder marked .Fusion


Step 13:

Look for a folder that says “start-here” and select it


Step 14:

Look for a file that says plugin.video.hubwizard and select it


And that’s it! If you’re successful, you will see an icon pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen notifying you that Config Wizard has been installed. If not, you missed a step somewhere in the process. Double check to ensure you input the correct source address and retrace your steps using this guide. Please check out my TV Add-ons page for instructions on how to install the Kodi Config Wizard, a great tool for installing all the best add-ons within the Fusion/TVAddons repository in one shot.