kodisimplified-incursionLogoIncursion Reop

The Incursion Repo is a fork of the very popular Exodus/Genesis repo, originally created by the developer known as lambda. What “fork” means is, the add-on has been taken over and maintained by another developer or group of developers as lambda has moved on to other projects. This add-on offers users access to the latest television and movies. Please keep in mind, this repo does not have authorization from the copyright holders so, users should bear that in mind and at the very least, use this with a VPN. Without further delay, let’s install this repo.

Step 1:

From the home screen navigate to;

  • System (icon top left corner)

xbmckodi-krypton-settings button home screen

Step 2:

This is your System menu window with a much different look from previous xbmc/kodi versions. From the 11 menu items to choose from, locate and select the folder that says

  • File Manager


Step 3:

On the Right Panel scroll down and select the menu item that says;

  • Add source

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-file manager add source

Step 4:

This will open your Add File Source Window. Go ahead and select where is says < None >

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-add file source - none

Step 5:

You will now be asked to Enter the paths of browse for the media locations. Enter the path exactly as you see it written below;

  • When you’re finished entering your path, select OK to the right of your screen.

Step 6:

You will now need to name your media source. Click in the blank field underneath the Enter a name for this media source heading and call this repo;

  • .incursion
  • select ok


Step 7:

We now need to enable downloading from an unknown source. If you’ve completed this step already, skip down to Step 13. Otherwise, go back to your System window/menu once again (Step 1) and select the following

  • System settings

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-System-System settings

Step 8:

From the menu on the left, scroll down and select the Add-ons menu item

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-System settings-Addons

Step 9:

The add-ons Unknown sources is disabled by default. We want to turn it on. You can do this by selecting the Unknown sources field.

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons-unknow sources enabled

Step 10 :

Once the Unknown Sources is enabled, a pop-up window will open warning you of the hazards of 3rd part add-ons

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-3rd party addons warning window

Note: The developers of Kodi are posting this warning here as they do not endorse or support any 3rd party add-ons themselves. Kodi is an open source media player and anyone with the know-how can post information/media sources to it. All the source links used by 3rd part add-ons are available online. The developers of these 3rd party add-ons are just pointing the media to this shared source link. I myself have never had any issues with malware or cyber attacks via Kodi. I always recommend using a VPN for your internet security and do your best to research any 3rd party add-ons you wish to install. At least I do. I visit multiple forums to see what other users are saying about the add-on before I recommend it to anyone using my site. I hope this helps! Now select Yes if you wish to continue and let’s move on

Step 11:

Head back to your home screen and select the following

  • Add-ons


Step 12:

Look for the icon that looks like an open box (probably located near the top of your screen). This is the Add-ons browser icon. Select it

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons-install from zip icon

Step 13:

From the menu to the right of your screen, locate and select

  • Install from zip file

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons browser-install from zip file

Step 14:

The install from zip file window will open. Look for the media source you named and select it. In this instance, look for and select;

  • .incursion


Step 15 A:

Each Repository/3rd party add-on is going to have its own, unique set of files contained within the zip file. For each tutorial I post regarding installing Repositories/3rd party add-ons, I will indicate what file(s) to select. For the purpose of this tutorial, please scroll down and select

  • Repository


Step 15 B:

From here, select the file that says;

  • repository.incursion
  • Select OK to the right of your screen


If your install was successful, you will be given an add-on update/enabled icon in the top right corner of your screen

Step 16:

The next step you will want to do is select the Install From Repository menu item.
Note: this will not always be the case. Some Repositories/3rd party add-ons do not require this step. In each tutorial I provide, I will indicate if this step is necessary.

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons browser-Install from repository

Step 17:

With the Install from repository window open, you would then look for the Repository/3rd party add-on you just installed. scroll down and select;

  • Incursion Repository

Step 18:

Look for and select from the right side of your screen

  • Video Add-ons


Step 19:

Once you’ve select Video Add-ons, all the 3rd part add-ons available within the selected Repository will populate in the main window to the right of the screen. All you need do from here is select the add-on you are after. select;

  • Incursion

An install window will appear. Select the Install icon on the far right from the list of options at the bottom. If you are successful, you will be given an add-on enabled/update icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 20:

Once installed, head back to the Add-ons screen and select

  • Video Add-ons

xbmckodi-kryptonv17-addons-videoaddons screen

All that’s left for you to do is locate the add-on you just installed and select it to ensure it’s up and running. The steps used here for installing Repositories/3rd party add-ons are the same for all XBMC/Kodi Repositories/3rd party add-ons. I hope this made sense and you were able to follow along. All the best!