Raw Maintenance

The Raw Maintenance is a new Repository I recently stumbled upon. If you’ve ever had the “Low Storage” warning with your device, this repository is a must! Depending on the device you’re using to run Kodi, the memory/storage capacity can very, especially among the tv boxes where storage is usually limited to 8G. That’s not a lot of space and few users realize each time you stream a tv show or movie, it will store thumbnails and log files. These files build up over time affecting the performance of your device until finally you run out of space and Kodi is unable to run properly. This is an easy fix with Raw Maintenance. It’s an easy to use performance tool that if used on a regular basis, you can purge your packages, delete cache and thumbnail files freeing up storage space and keeping your device running smoothly. A word of caution; from the images in this file I get the impression it was designed by young males with big ambitions. Try not to get too offended by the graphics as the tool is very useful. Anyway, let’s get started!

Step 1:

Launch Kodi and navigate to;

  • System
  • File Manager


Step 2:

Select the “Add source” Option


Step 3:

Double click on the field marked <None>


Step 4:

Input the following into the paths for Media Locations

  • http://solved.no-issue.ca
  • Select Done

Raw 4

Step 5:

At the bottom where is says Enter A Name For This Media Source, input the following

  • .RAW
  • Select OK


Step 6:

You’ll notice Raw Maintenance has been added to your root file directory. All we need do now is install it

Step 7:

Return to the main menu and navigate to;

  • System
  • Settings


Step 8:

Select the Add-Ons option

Step 9:

Select Install from zip file

Step 10:

From the folder list, select the .RAW folder

Step 11:

Look for a folder that says Maintenance

Step 12:

Look for a file that says;

  • repository.rawmaintenance.zip
  • select it


If you’re successful, you will see an icon pop up in the top or bottom right corner notifying you that Raw Maintenance has been installed. If not, retrace your steps beginning with the source path (http://solved.no-issue.ca/).

Step 13:

Once the Repository has been enabled, we need to install the Raw maintenance addon wizard

  • select the search field


Step 14:

Type the following in the search field

  • Raw Maintenance
  • Select done


Step 15:

Select the following

  • Media source – Raw Maintenance
  • Install

(Note: I’ve already installed it so that option is not available to me in this screen capture)

Step 16:

Navigate back to your home screen and select Programs

Step 17:

Select Raw Maintenance

Step 18:

Select Maintenance

Step 19:

In this order, select the following

  • Clear Cache
  • Purge Packages
  • Delete Thumbnails

The reason you will follow this order; after you have selected Delete Thumbnails you will be asked to restart your system so, best save this step for last. As mentioned, depending on the size of your hard drive on your device you might want to consider clearing cache, purging packages and deleting thumbnails once a week to keep your system running smoothly. Enjoy!!

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    1. admin Post author

      Anytime your Repositories update their add-ons in Kodi, that information is sent in a package. When you “purge packages” you delete the updates for that Repository. This will free up memory however, that’s temporary as your Repository will eventually auto update to the latest build. When you request a movie or Television show again, that information like the thumbnails, gets restored to the respective thumbnails and cache. There’s a bit of a debate as to whether clear cache, delete thumbnails and purge packages is actually helpful to the smooth performance of your device. I say it is as there’s some information you won’t need again ie. you watched Beverly Hills Cop for the first time in 20 yrs to see if it would stand up. With your curiosity satisfied, you’re good on this one for a while, if ever again so you really don’t need an instance of that film on your device (ie. thumbnail, movie info). Hope this helps. All the best!

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